How Do You Approach a Girl?

I believe that we all can choose the direction our lives will take by doing the right things. In terms pf pick up this means you can either live a lonely life and spend the next years and decades with sitting at home and stupidly watching television, or improve your social life.

For a lot of people improving or developing a social life means they have to drastically change their lifestyle. You can not meet hot girls or women by doing nothing. You need to go out, do approaches and learn from the experiences you are having.

A pick up artist is someone who has decided to become the best person he can be and live the best life he can live. A pick up artist is someone who is not satisfied with daydreaming and watching other guys getting the hot chicks. He is someone who shapes his own reality.

Learning how to pick up girls is very challenging. It’s hard. But achieving  great things is never easy.

To me and many other pick up artists pick up is a way of life. Now, we only live once, don’t we? I guess, you don’t want to waste your life with masturbating in the shower. Getting the hottest chicks is far better than this.

Boost Your Testosterone: Vitamin D

Gentlemen, today I’m going to be talking about Vitamin D. Vitamin D  is essential for testosterone production. As some of you may already know, men of today’s generation have much lower testosterone levels than men of previous generations. This is a disaster.

One reason is, that we don’t go out in the sun as much as people used to do decades ago. We’re sitting indoors, in front of our PCs or laptops and doing useless stuff. We’re wasting our lives.

No sun, no Vitamin D. No Vitamin D, no testosterone.
No sun, no Vitamin D. No Vitamin D, no testosterone.

What can we do?

Exposure to the sun is the best way getting Vitamin D. Even if you can get small amounts of Vitamin D from food such as salmon, milk or egg yolks, sunlight is still a major source of it as your body uses UV-B rays to convert the cholesterol in your body into Vitamin D.

You can do whatever you want, if you don’t have enough Vitamin D in your blood, your testosterone levels will always be low.

I also want to mention, that Vitamin D does not only keep our testosterone levels high, it is in fact critical for human health in general. This includes effects like boosting your immune system, improving bone health, mood and well-being.