A Small Guide To Going Out Solo

There’s a lot of people they go out by themselves in order to meet people in a club or a bar. So if you’re going out alone you’re not the only one out there.

If you don’t have a social circle and you’re on your own, you need to become a master of small talk. Talk to the bartenders, talk to staff, talk to everybody around.

People who are serving you in a bar or a club deserve to be treated with respect. Don’t become an idiot or an asshole because you are paying them to serve you. Start thinking of them as your friends.

If you’re on your own you have to develop and improve your communication skills. That’s very important. You do that through practice.

But let me also talk about the don’ts: Don’t sit in a bar or a club staring into nothingness. This is exactly what some guys do. They go into a club, buy a drink and then they just sit there staring at their drink. That’s a no-no.

Not only you’re going to feel more lonely if you do that. People around you will see that you’re isolated and not being social. It doesn’t help if you stare at your phone pretending sending text messages to people. This is ridiculous.

There is no way around: If you want to meet people you need to interact with them. Interaction means communication. As I said, improve your communication skills by talking not by sitting around and doing nothing.

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