If you don’t have enough testosterone you start becoming estrogen dominant. One of the functions of estrogen is to store fat. In a man it stores fat in his belly. Belly fat inhibits the testosterone production.

That estrogen will continue to suppress your testosterone levels. Say goodbye to normal erections, to sex drive, to normal life style, normal motivation, adventure and all positive things that are masculine and inside of us.

When our testosterone levels fall, we become whiny and wimpy, irritable and passive.

The problem today is there’s so many female hormones in the environment. Pesticides are female hormones. They put female hormones in the meat that we eat to fatten the animals up. That estrogen goes in the body, suppresses our testosterone.

What’s the solution?

Don’t take homones. If you take hormones your body gradually loses its ability to make those hormones. Taking testosterone is taking steroids. Taking testosterone is not a solution. Instead help your body make more testosterone.

How do you make testosterone?

Go to the gym, build up muscles and don’t forget to rest. You have to have recovery time.

Recovery time is the basis for rebuilding testosterone. Work hard and relax. You can meditate. Go into the cave for a while. You need to fully relax.

If you work hard and then you rest hard then you come back, your muscles have rebuilt and they’re stronger.